Starting things off (Days 1 and 2)

18 June 2016

Day 1 began with an apple cider vinegar and honey concoction that was tolerable at best. I'm not quite sure what the beneficial properties are supposed to be, so until I make time to actually research it, I'll trust my mother's judgment call on that on.

I did some resistance training, in which my forearms remembered they had muscles and I barely finished. It was pathetic. But strangely motivational to not allow myself to be such a wimp anymore. If I can be SAFD certified in BROADSWORD, I can do those series of exercises.

I ate fairly healthy all day. Kept my portions small. Chex mix casually helped me survive between meals. Shrinking your stomach is not for the faint of heart.

The evening was tough for me as I'm a bored eater and just love food so much. I had switched shifts with a coworker and so I was at work Friday evening. There was very little going on, and as someone who needs to stay busy, it was excruciating...until I discovered that YouTube had been unblocked on the network and proceeded to watch all the Simon's Cat videos. (Go watch them, thank me later.) But for the first couple of hours, I was so grateful that I had 1. eaten before I came in and 2. only packed two small healthy snacks. B/c damn if I didn't wander into the break room mindlessly looking for munchies.

A part of me thinks I should become a grazer... but I enjoy big hearty meals too much to truly adapt.

So meanwhile at work, I'm freezing b/c the AC is cranked up to extra high and sneezing b/c of the dry air and what not and just miserable and so very desperate for chocolate or more coffee or something I shouldn't be having at 9pm at night.

Finally got home, popped a Benadryl and said thank god today is over....

Day 2: Still recovering from the previous night of misery. And I have an 11am show in Durham... Somehow I pried myself out of bed, drank that nasty concoction, made breakfast (it was delicious), packed my show bag, did my makeup, and filled a to-go coffee cup.

No true method of exercise done. But I did have two that kinda counts. *Note to self, be more active when doing a show, so you can truly consider it your exercise for the day.*

I limited my carbs at lunch, but also ate a decent amount of chips and salsa, so they cancelled each other out to equal...I didn't do jack squat. Likewise, the only good thing I did at dinner, was stop eating. I have a tendency to want to finish the food on my plate and loath leaving less than a small meal's worth to revisit another time. (Oh hey, just my mild OCD kicking in.) So it took monumental strength to push the excess food away from me and pack it up. Again however, it was all for naught as I ate more than my share of chocolate treats after dinner.

Conclusion: Days 1 and 2 were mediocre starts. But I could have said eff it and gotten a margarita at lunch, which I didn't. So small victories were present. They were simply overshadowed by the mountain that is my bad habits.

Oh, and I weighed myself again...gained a pound... *Note to self, only weigh self periodically to avoid daily fluctuations which cause imminent bouts of frustration and self-shaming.*

xo - Pimpila

Getting Fit with Mom

17 June 2016

A new journey:
My mother returned from an extended trip to Florida recently. One of the things she brought back (along with copious amounts of clothes) was the motivation to get in shape. Now, I've been bemoaning my lack of abs, and how much I did NOT have a beach body for weeks...months...years...basically my whole life. And if my mother can get out of bed to work out before noon, then I could do it too, in spades.

It is to be noted that after my car accident last October I had never really been able to get back in the workout groove, but maybe this would be the turning point. If full body spandex can't do it, SURELY minimal clothing in the RLT amphitheater could....

The purpose of this blog:
The majority of this blog is to serve as a tracker for myself. I will periodically share my posts on the various social media sites/apps that I use to attempt to get peer accountability and guidance. Feel free to interact as much as you feel and share your stories and offer input. Goodness knows I need all the help I can get.

Some backstory:
I've always had some extra pounds. I was skinny, but my thighs were big. The "extra" would move around as it saw fit according to my most used method of physical activity. As a 26 year old woman, whose metabolism has certainly slowed down and forgot to inform her appetite, this has been an extra struggle recently. I am getting to the point where I cannot fit into clothes season to season as for whatever reason during fall and winter (where I primarily wear leggings and/or other stretchy jeans) I gain more than enough weight to breach past the comfort of my summer shorts.

I am a frugal girl, and loathe going shopping. So the very idea of having to get a new wardrobe is equal parts nauseating and discouraging.

Furthermore, I see my friends and colleagues literally blossom in their own journeys to physical fitness and health.  I admit to being shallow. I also know that there is more than one definition of beauty. Which is why I'm not trying to get 6 pack abs. I simply want to fit into the clothes I currently own and not have to spend MORE money on new ones. I want to feel better about myself on the beach. I want the curves I have to be there b/c my body is shaped that way, not because I have 20 extra pounds on me. (Which I do, have 20 extra pounds, that is.)

Why I'm doing this now:
I do not want to post some "get in shape fast" blog that talks about BS and some crazy unattainable workout regimen for the every day girl. I am trying to form a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that can adapt to the ups and downs of life. Teach myself the discipline to choose the salad at post-show dinners and drink one less beer. Get myself out of bed and moving. No more forever couch potato for me!

I'm joining my mom in this b/c if someone 30 years my senior with far more physical limitations can do it, then so can I.

I've learned that I need accountability. A few years ago, my friend Michelle and I got a group-on to take fitness classes together. And guess what, it worked. I went to classes with her, I went without her, we went hiking, we ate healthier, and we made progress. This time, my mom is the chosen victim, and who knows what will happen.

Starting points:
Day 1,  June 17 - 143.2 lbs
Cute high-waisted white shorts - unzippable
Skinny jeans - belly overhangs and slight muffin top
Fitted tee - curves where I don't want them
Beach comfort levels - 4/10 would only suck in half the time, but hyperconscious about body placement

Lovexo - Pimpila